Monday, December 26, 2011

pesan buat dia

gue cuma mau nyampein lagu yang ngacak udah gue ganti + sambung-sambung yang nyampein semua isi hati gue ke dia.

who do you think you are. Running around leaving scars. Collecting a jar of hearts. Tearing love apart. It tooks so long just to feel alright. i hear you’re asking all around. if i am anywhere to be found. but i have grown too strong. to ever fall back in your arms. i've learned to live, half alive. and now you want me one more time

christina perry - jar of hearts
so this is me swallowing my pride standing in front of you want you saying you're sorry for that night. 
taylor swift - back to december

gue cuma mau lu ngaku sama kesalahan lu. Terus minta maaf ke gue. Gue bukan orang yang pengen banget di minta in maaf. Gue cuma ngerasa gue sakit banget pas diginiin.Mungkin maaf dari lo bisa ngurangin sakitnya. Mungkin..... 

sincerely, your best admirer